Benefits of Playing Tennis Regularly


Tennis is one of the most familiar racket sports anywhere in the world. It is a game that can be played individually or in pairs. A team or a player’s goal is to hit the ball towards the other court in attempt to make a clean pass where the opponent could not return the ball. Tennis players such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are known for their prowess in the game.

Playing tennis involves wide range of movements – from side runs, side steps, forward and backward runs, and extensive hand swings.Tennis can be played anywhere in the world as long as you have the proper equipment and playing court. Tennis, like some sport, has also been a pastime for some if not played competitively. Having said that, tennis surely has many benefits physically, psychologically and socially.

Here’s a brief list of the benefits of playing tennis:

  • Improves over-all aerobic and cardiovascular health

Playing the sport requires increased intake of oxygen that leads to increased heart rate to effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients in the blood toward your muscles. Additionally, playing tennis could lead to development of capillary beds on muscle tissues, thus increasing blood flow in the muscle. The next time you play or perform strenuous tasks, your muscles are ready for higher level performances and will experience fatigue at a dramatically slower rate. With minutes of running and hitting the ball, your cardiovascular fitness is also intensified. Tennis is totally good for the heart as well!

  • Burns calories and trims fat

Since playing tennis requires you to move intensely, your body will definitely burn lots of calories. Of course, those calories are contained in your adipose tissues which contain fats that all wants to get rid of! Since you’re burning the fat, you will then replace it with a good amount of muscle. Just keep pushing!

  • Develops coordination, speed, flexibility and competitiveness

Run for the ball – even dive for it if you have to. The motions and actions done by tennis players greatly develop coordination, speed and flexibility. Of course that would be applicable if you are passionate in keeping the ball alive. It will improve your footwork, muscle flexibility and will improve your hand-eye coordination. It could be good to be really competitive sometimes as it helps you play in a more active way. Just always remember to be a good sportsman.

  • Develops discipline and patience

No sport is learnable in just a snap – it takes great patience, hardwork, persistence and discipline to shine in the sport. Playing tennis requires practice that will eventually lengthen your patience especially if you are dedicated to learning. This kind of sport will also develop your discipline when it comes to maintaining your body in a good shape to play the sport effectively.

  • Improves over-all emotions or mood

Some would play the sport competitively but some will use it as a stress-reliever or a time-killer. When you enjoy playing, you improve your physical health and you improve your mood as well. Playing the sport is fun as long as you have a good company of players or enthusiasts with you!

Playing a sport like tennis really improves a lot in your well-being – from your muscular built, cardiovascular fitness, spatial skills and even mental health. Play the sport now and eventually feast over these benefits! Go here for more info about tennis.

Tennis Trick Shots

Yo! It’s your main man Curtis here. And in today’s episode, we go over some of the most difficult to pull, yet oh so satisfying shots in my favorite game, tennis trick shots.

Today we had no other than Serena Williams pull of some of the shots.

Notice her bodacious form and the way she follows through.

We swear, her and her tennis skills are out of this world. :O